Sat looking at the stars
Too deep in to feel the bottom
Sat in the same car his uncle pedalled in
Sat where the guy on eid said bismillah before he breathed in
Saw the police rush his friend for possession
Now he’s looking for the same fix
Looking to go places the clouds normally limit his thinking
Wanting to soar above, the sky’s the limit
Yesterday he overdid it, too much stimulation
He was a wreck , sensitive to everthing that led up to it
Today he know his units, self prescribed the right direction
Cycling on the pavement ,he wants a new cycle with rear lights on
A moment with Allah, he just remembers his name
Mantra, but he’s not crossing his legs in front of a audience
He’s higher than the cable guy took him ,kneeling in his vision
Calm before the storm but he knows if he wins now
he can jump the waves and carry the tide with him
Reborn, washed in holy water that cleanses his system
The air tree freshener makes him smell rosier than a house of dandelions
The two angels take the soul back out of his body and replace it with divine intervention



People of the cave


Youth wasted on the young
Young cubs climbing trees at 19
Kneeling know,flag planted on the Himalayas
Out all day while the day still shone
No time ,no need to seek soothsayers
Umair dressed up with the latest gear
He gave it all up including the beer
Sense of a direction, tunnel cave vision
No longer his parents pride,
But he read angelically
,ignoring the tirade
More labels than a warehouse
He died clothed in a single shroud
Dogs strayed but a lion died with him


They studied at al Hijra
Young afghans and Libyans
Hafiz at 11, praying before they were 7
High school in the 90s, lost in touch with all of them
The lucky ones studied Ancient Greek
While the others played trick and treat
No dogs outside their caves,their dads worked night shifts
Using currency during the day that was recognised by everyone
The caves got rolled over while they were sleeping
They got up a little colder but had to go sign in
Movement died with the cave that taught them how to read
Aladdin with an apple but threw away the seeds

Lamp within a glass


The lamp within a glass,surrounded by a mirage
Insects and moths, all drawn to the hourglass
No cloth or nylon ,material less ceramic
Candle wax melting like snow flakes dropping
Extrapolation, a lighthouse sending signals to pilots
Extradited , a lighthouse which helped the pharoah
The lamp keeps giving light to the moths like an invisible cloak
No relation they share , but in the dark no bat can kettle them
Triggered by the same phenomenon that sends down tornadoes
One blow, one category c storm its all it takes
The lamp flickers and stutters and silences the flame
The message and the symbolism,metaphysics maybe
That cant die or a new lamp will shine however many miles away

Get MOm


He throws the dirty tissue back at me onto the ground
Barks at me till I can hear thudding ear drumming sounds
All of a sudden,i can see my dead dad as a spirit
Kicking up a fuss, I can hear him through the screen
I try reaching out again the morning after having a friendly dream
Still clammed up,guys boring me into filtering the water tank
Lines on my forehead poring out with all his flipping crank
Prisoner 424 on his badge,really just another innate thug
how many bones left in his fingers,the hammer asks him one more question
knuckles still crackle and pop, forget a transfer ,Im drinking water and having fun
The last one stil has one hand in the toilet and a leg in the fume cupboard
He pressed the wrong button on his controller while playing starship troopers

Twin faces

A lad you know, rough diamond straight from sand
Rebel without a cause, making a living door2door

Courageous, protected,chainmailed with honor
Over bearing ,zealous ,living in another era

Always in the middle, sorting out the playground
Rose that grew from concrete,never moving on

Leader of his tribe, taking pride in his offspring
Isolated megalomaniac, never integrating

Little wayne on the streets learning the game
Little rut, running away from every chance he’s been given

Lethal weapon without an age limit,,Theseus without high heels
Highway robber, lion scarred by others, tamed in south east Africa




strain of antibiotic resistance placed on the Petri dish
Inoculated loops pass through flames of matches

All organisms got a family name ,something they got in common
Isolated, microscoped, constrained DNA strands share that madness

I seen the cycle of extremism that penetrates the system
Trained to be soldiers of righteousness for a darker purpose

Seeds of doubt clouding the minds of those not so perfect
Job insecurity, relationship struggles , those on the same side shown to be deviant

Those that act up stay behind , get sacked or have accidents
Some of us are born on death row and die at adolescence

The religion of Hanif , sick with trying to make it the hardest
Visible bumps on the forehead , do they show whose the noblest

Dreams of kings ruling the towers of babylon,that’s not my religion
After my death donate my heart and liver but dont isolate my offspring

The system isnt ours ,degree in computer science wont let u enter the matrix
Killer bees and axes made of trees Nothing but showing powerful as noble victims

We were once kings

A pale imitation of those that rode before us
Strong men,captivated their times,even excelled in science
Evolution made man out of apes but now our brightest are in cages
Tall towers, absolute power, self righteous man made laws by human lords
We strode around the earth in bulletproof processions
Entertaining amphitheatres on television or listening to geisha women
We were once an honest and proud nation ,innovating century old traditions
Now we’re the most crooked and corrupt , going back in time to cling onto next generations
We show pur worth by donations through holy months , cleaning up streets after terrorism
Either sorry or soppy , idi Amin or Halle selassie, puppets on strings dancing to pharrell williams
Conservative on teaching our kids until they read verses of matyrdom and disbelief
Then we revert to brain washing them with deen lite Nintendo lite machines to mellow them
Until they start selling drugs to the neighbours and making our other sons listen to dead presidents
Then we’re back to making them firm on faith and rejecting disbelief and atheism
Fighting Helen but not hidden into any horse or destroying local communions
Not kings or landowners we keep self -respect by leasing and preserving
We were once kings but now we’re policing and farm men